Is my driveway suitable for electric automated gates?

When it comes to assessing your driveway’s suitability for Automated Electric Gates we take into account its size, shape, nearby walls and trees, and the proximity to the road and pavement.

It’s almost unheard of to have a setting where driveway gates cannot be installed – this is due to the vast array of options available.

These include…

  • Swinging electric driveway gates
  • Sliding electric driveway gates
  • Telescopic electric driveway gates
  • Bi-parting sliding electric gates
  • Di-fold electric driveway gates
  • Round the corner sliders (ideal for narrow spaces)
  • and there are even specially hinged gates that allow for openings along a sloped driveway

We will also discuss the best place for your controls panels (again there is a plethora to choose from) and the best place to route your power supply.

Finally, we go over a variety of designs and materials on offer…

Electric driveway automation gates come in a tremendous array of designs, colours and infill patterns. Gates can also be made of aluminium, iron or steel, various types of wood, PVC, and even a combination of any of these materials.

Yes, there is something for everyone – no matter what the setting.

Assess your driveway – here’s how

Our Automated Driveway Suitability Assessments (ADSAs) can be arranged at a convenient time and typically take around 30-45min. They start with a warm and friendly handshake and conclude with you being fully up-to-speed with regard to the options open to you. 

During our visit, offers of tea are always gratefully received – especially if they are made ‘strong’ with three sugars.

To arrange your Automated Driveway Suitability Assessment call us on 01425 475 758 or send us a message on our contact page

Once again a big thank you to you and your team for all your hard work.

Mr R Wimborne

Working with the best of brands in automation